Where are the classes held?

Main trainings are held in the gym near subway station "Exhibition Center". All necessary information you can get by phone (Viber/Telegram): +38 073 666-0-999

Where is the information about coaches?

Information about coaches is available on the page Coaches.

What is the minimum suitable age for beginners?

All around trainings include (in addition to the gym) outdoor activities (running, general physical training), as well as involving into additional activities (mountain hikes, etc.) – have established (according to our experience) a minimum age of 6-7 years, but it's quite desirable (and possible) to start from 3-4 years with more common activities. In the future, given the numerous requests, we'll try to add programs for younger children.

I can take my kid to usual gymnastic. Why would I choose you?

You can find sports clubs for cheaper prices, but they will have the following conditions: 20-30 people in a group and an uninterested trainer who is completely worn-out. In this case, it's impossible to achieve any success in sports, even some mid-level results. If you choose a more professional approach, with a focus on preparing for competitions, then most of those who wish to learn the sport will actually be eliminated as a result of a rigorous selection process. Those who will pass this selection – would be required to practice for 5-6 times a week in special gyms, which will cause problems with education and will increase the risk of injury.

The average-priced options have more appropriate means, as they consider that the youngsters will never become professional athletes. However, they don't offer diverse ways of exercising and improving (no outdoor exercises, no helpful exercises from other sports etc.).

Our project provides a complex approach, as we intend to form a special training scheme, which makes use of the most effective methods of teaching the selected types of the gymnastics; and a special physical preparation, as well as general developing exercises and procedures for fortifying the body against cold.

Are there any contraindications for the trainings?

Due to the inclusion of open air aerobic exercises (running, jumping rope, elements of general physical training) into the training process, favorable conditions are created for the prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases (bronchial asthma).

Basic gymnastics exercises aimed at strengthening muscles and developing flexibility are preventing problems with the musculoskeletal system (typical for almost all children not involved in sports).

In any case serious diseases presence you need to get advice from your doctor and necessarily report the coach.

How much should I practice to achieve some visible results?

It's recommended to practice at least 3-4 times per week. The maximum duration of breaks should be 1-2 weeks after 2-3 months of extensive trainings.

Are such harsh conditions really necessary (running at any time of the year, hardening, etc.)?

Our approach is precisely aimed at developing the necessary skills that allow our students to easily overcome obstacles that are absolutely unattainable for those who used to only comfortable greenhouse conditions.

How the cost of classes is determined?

The fee amount for a new members depends on the coaches load and the total number of students. It should also be noted the payment for every additional (subsequent) group may be more expensive (i. e. the first participants are always provided with more favorable conditions).