Why is there a need for special additions to the training process?

Our special comprehensive training program develops everything necessary for the formation of skills that allow to successfully perform various tasks requiring strong physical stress ability, endurance and strong-willed qualities.

The main feature that manifests itself over time is the importance to constantly supplement such trainings with the possibilities of applying the acquired skills among interesting and difficult conditions.

For example, good results in running (endurance) and hardening (winter swimming) open up opportunities for mountain hiking, which ain't only good for health, but also provide an opportunity to plunge into a magical new world above the clouds, clear your mind of everything superfluous and return to your life being newborn again and full of strength.

Successful development of the average level of general physical fitness allows moving on to interesting and complex gymnastic elements requiring not only strength and flexibility, but also the ability to overcome yourself and your fear, that subsequently gives a feeling of happiness and joy with every achieved result.

Is it possible to receive education inside our training program?

Partnerships with kindergartens and schools provide us with everything necessary for the education of our students both in standard educational programs and with the inclusion of complementary lessons and courses.

Children always ask questions and constantly strive to get to know the world around us, and we must provide them with the best opportunities to get this knowledge and answers.

Together, we'll definitely determine what is best for your children and will do everything necessary for 'em to receive it.

What about adults?

Obviously, everyone wants to be healthy and full of energy. But the achievement and the most important thing – the preservation and development of such a tangible level of training – requires a great amount of effort, time and money.

We will help you to set the right goals and completely go the way to achieve 'em.

Necessary and sufficient conditions

Start with a detailed statement of the problem and during the mutual discussion – together we're gonna find out everything necessary for its solution.

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