by flight of beauty highlights the body perfection

It all started...
... as, little by little, man managed to free himself from the mundane constraints of his daily routine and devote a small amount of his time to other pursuits, above and beyond those required for his basic survival.

The concept of leisure had not yet become firmly established, but there was already a growing realization that spiritual well-being could be derived from recreation and, equally, that physical well-being could be achieved through physical exercise.

As Roman poet Juvenal put it: "mens sana in corpore sano"; in other words, "in a healthy body, a sound mind." The ancient Greeks believed gymnastics to be the perfect symmetry between mind and body which is possible only when physical exercise was coupled with intellectual activity.

The training program, in addition to weight-lifting and coordination skills, develops moral and volitional qualities, the ability to overcome fear, creates the ability to perform complex elements and their compounds. Preparation, which gets even entry-level gymnast, allows to successfully learn any other kind of sports activity.

Training Montage

Given the high requirements for professional athletes that cannot be met by most of the people, the main goal of this project is to develop a comprehensive training system, including the elements of gymnastics, mandatory outdoor activities, running, cold water treatment, as well as additional activities aimed at all-round development.

This approach completely excludes all the negative aspects typical for professional athletes: an increased risk of injury, lack of time for a good education, difficulties with using sports skills after the end of a career, etc.

We guarantee the use of individual methods to form an all-round personality that can complete complex tasks requiring significant mental and physical efforts.

Above the Clouds (See the More Details in "Mountain Hikes")

Where can I get information and start exercising?

You can ask any question by phone (Telegram/Viber/WhatsApp): +38 073 666-0-999. The main content can be found on our YouTube channel and Facebook. We also recommend you to read Common Questions and News. For information about coaches, see Coaches. The training is also available in English. You may also offer your location for trainings (incl. outside the country). Read How Gymnastics Can Teach Children Real World Skills and The Features of Adults Training.

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Partnership and special conditions

When you come to the realize health is the highest value, that is a necessary and indispensable foundation for everything else: from the opportunity for constantly learning and effective applyince of acquired knowledge, to the formation of special resistance to all life's trials and difficulties, and gaining a special sense of strength, that helps us to fulfill our plans and provides successfull solving the assigned tasks – you've definitely become our like-minded friend.

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What are you ready to give to make your children the healthiest, smartest and strongest?

⚡ We will make them like this.

🌞 Our kids:

✅ do gymnastics

✅ run in shorts any weather

✅ can swim in the ice

✅ jump 100 double unders

🏆 are distinguished by excellent health and self-confidence

📣 Effective programs for adults:

✅ to prolong and return youth

✅ to gain a sense of strength